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Volkswagen logo
10 NOVEMBER, 2014

Volkswagen is Using NAVX Fuel Price Data in its New Passat

Already used by Audi in the VW Group, NAVX's fuel price service is now launched in VW's new Passat.

The service is provided in the Discover Pro navigation system, with its 8 inch touchscreen colour display and 3D map navigation, as well as in Car-Net, its mobile online services platform. The service will be rolled out in other models using Discover Pro next year.

Apple logo
6 NOVEMBER, 2014

NAVX Launches its EV Application for iPhone

With the launch of its EV application for iPhone, NAVX is providing access to the location and detailed characteristics of 10,000 electric plugs in France.

NAVX collects the data from various sources, and verify the information directly with its team of analysts on the field. NAVX strongly believe in the superiority of professional verification compared to crowdsourcing.

The geographic coverage will expanded to the rest of Europe within the next months.

Map of Argentina
15 SEPTEMBER, 2014

NAVX Provides Access to Fuel Prices in Argentina

Expanding its footprint in Latin America, NAVX launched today a service in Argentina and Chile, whereby NAVX provides its clients with gas station locations and fuel prices updated in near real-time. With its existing service in Brazil and Mexico, NAVX now covers 50,000 stations over a population of 380 million Latin Americans.

Latin America is a fast growing market for Car Telematics, and NAVX will also participate to Telematics Update LATAM on Sept 24 and 25 in Sao Paulo.

Map of Greece
30 JUNE, 2014

NAVX Expands its Activity to Greece

Greece is the latest country added to NAVX's fuel price database, as the company accelerates its efforts to complete the coverage of Europe. Twenty-eight countries are now provided to our clients when it comes to gas stations locations and fuel prices in near real-time.

EV Charge Sign
28 NOVEMBER, 2013

NAVX Provides EV Points of charge in Europe

NAVX now provides access to its database of EV points of charge across Europe. As with its other products (fuel prices, parking information), NAVX focuses its efforts on insuring the reliability of its database. Verifying and testing the location, parameters and availability of electric stations is essential to provide reliable information to car drivers.

NAVX wins White Bull Award 2013

NAVX Finalist at the White Bull 2013 Awards

NAVX has been selected among the 60 finalists of the 2013 Bully Awards.

Next October, NAVX will compete for the Awards at Pathways, an annual event for European Tech, gathering top notch entrepreneurs, along with the global investors, corporate development execs, and services firms who support the ecosystem.

Map of Brazil
10 AUGUST, 2013

NAVX Opens its Activity in Brazil

Recognizing that Latin America is a fast growing market for Car Telematics, NAVX will also participate to Telematics Update LATAM on Sept 11 and 12 in Sao Paulo.

Map of Mexico
30 JUNE, 2013

NAVX Launches Connected Content in Mexico

NAVX launches its service in Mexico, covering the entire country with gas station locations and fuel prices updated in near-real time for Magna, Premium and Diesel.

Although PEMEX, the state-owned petroleum company, benefits from a monopoly for the exploration and production of oil, most of the 10000 gas stations are independent franchises. Prices therefore tend to vary from one place to the other.

With NAVX, car companies can access a reliable database of fuel prices and allow their clients to find cheap prices.


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