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Jean Cherbonnier, VP Business Development
Jean Cherbonnier

VP Business Development

Jean co-founded NAVX in 2005, which became one of the first providers of content for navigation devices (PND and smartphones) and a leading provider of content for connected cars in Europe and Latin America. Since the acquisition of NAVX by OPIS in 2015, he is in charge of developing business relationships with the Automotive industry. He previously held various positions in the high tech industry, at IBM, Texas Instruments and Arthur D. Little, and co-founded K-Mobile in 1999, a leading provider of content for mobile phones, acquired by AG Interactive in 2004. Jean holds a Ph.D in Telecommunications from the Swiss Federal Institute (Lausanne).

Michele Castagnozzi, CTO
Michele Castagnozzi

Chief Technical Officer

Michele joined NAVX in 2008 to become Chief Technical Officer, in charge of building and maintaining OPISNAVX's highly reliable content management system (CMS). Following the acquisition of NAVX by OPIS in 2015, he supervises our team of software developers, manages the evolution of our CMS as we add more countries and content to our portfolio, and insures its high availability. He previously worked 7 years at STMicroelectronics on Software Design, Data Security and Smart Cards. Michele graduated from the University of Naples, Italy (1997).

Irina Sfarlea, Head of Content, Bucharest Office Maanger
Irina Sfarlea

Head of Content, Bucharest Office Manager

Irina joined NAVX in 2007 and became head of the Content Factory in Bucharest, Romania. She directly supervises the Content teams in charge of sourcing, verifying and processing fuel price, EV and parking information. She is also responsible for the day to day administration of our office, which includes Business Development, Customer Support, Development, and Systems Administration. She previously worked for K-Mobile and subsequently AG Interactive. She holds a Master in Management and Business Communication.