electric vehicle recharging stations


OPISNAVX collects electric vehicle (EV) charging station information for over 25,500 sites and 63,000 connectors throughout Europe and the USA. The OPISNAVX EV team collects, verifies and distributes two sets of data:

Site Data:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Brand
  • Operating hours
  • Phone numbers
  • Web address
  • Number of sites
  • Charging service (self, valet)
  • Type (on/off street)
  • Access (public/private)
  • Authentication method
  • Payment method
  • Booking information
  • Highway tag

Station Data:

  • Type of connectors
  • Charging mode
  • Volts/Amps
  • Phase
  • Connectivity Information

How is OPISNAVX Electric Vehicle Recharge Data Collected?

OPISNAVX has multiple EV charging stations sources and uses various methods to ensure the most reliable data is delivered to its end-users. With over 30 sources, OPISNAVX supplies drivers with real-time EV charging data to keep them on-the-go.

EV data is collected by car sharing input, car dealers, consumer input, open data input, charging infrastructure


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EV POI Data Aggregation, Collects EV POI from over 25,000 sites and 63,000 connectors in Europe Auto OEM, displays the latest EV POI data to the driver inside the car, on a personal navigation device or mobile app